Electrical & Lamps

Electrical & Lamps in Newcastle

When it comes to electrical accessories and lamps, you need only the best in trailer parts. ISP Islington is dedicated to your safety and to efficiency. With the help of our experienced team, we utilise the latest technology to ensure durability, anti-corrosion, and compliance with strict standards of quality.

Trailer and Car Electrics

For trailer and car electrics, ISP Islington offers a wide range of adaptors, cable ties, and electrical cables. You’ll find the accessories and trailer parts you need here at our store. We offer different lengths and sizes of cable ties sold in packs, including:

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With our three decades of service, we have become amongst the most trusted auto and trailer parts providers in NSW. For more details on our products, you can call us between 9AM and 5PM at 4969 1722, or fax us at 612 4969 2187. You can also email us at [email protected] or drop by our showroom at 122-140 Maitland Road, Islington, NSW for an up close look of our products or for a consultation.