Electric Brake Controllers

High Quality Electric Brake Controllers

An electric brake controller is essential for safe towing. If you need a reliable electric brake controller that is designed for maximum efficiency, check out our products at ISP Islington. We are a store dedicated to choosing the best products from the most reliable brands. To make sure that our clients are satisfied with our products, we see to it that we also include hard to find Australian products in our selection.

Top Rated Electric Brake Controllers for Towing in Newcastle and Hunter Region

An electric brake controller is a safety device for a towing vehicle which signals the breaks of the towed vehicle when it’s time to stop. The absence of an electric brake controller may be hazardous in instances when the towing vehicle is stopping or slowing and the towed vehicle moves continuously, therefore causing what is called the “domino effect”.

We at ISP Islington have high quality electric controllers and spare parts from top brands. We have the Hayman Reese Sentinel brake controller which is a great choice for light to medium duty towing. We also have the Tekonsha Prodigy P3 Brake Controller, a true proportional braking system and is the industry’s most advanced brake controller. The Hayman Compact IQ Proportional Brake Controller is one of Hayman Reese’s most sophisticated and advanced brake control units. The Primus IQ Proportional Brake Controller is a self- levelling brake control which requires no adjustment. We also have breakaway switches, breakaway kits, breakaway systems, and car monitors.

Redarc Tow Pro Elite V3 Brake Controller Electric
& Electric/Hydraulic 1 to 3 axle remote switch trailer brake controller
Red Arc Brake Controller

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