Weight Distribution & Anti Sway

Top Notch Weight Distribution & Anti Sway

Weight distributing hitches are important car towing accessories that enable balance between tongue weight and gross trailer weight. They help your vehicle during hard to manoeuvre situations and make braking, steering, and turning easier. Anti- sway products help reduce weight transfer in vehicles. They decrease car problems like under stirring and body rolling.

We at ISP Islington have different kinds of weight distribution hitches for your towing vehicle. ISP Islington is a trusted and reliable company that offers the best brands of towing and car accessories. For 30 years, we have been providing the best car towing products in our store and recently, all our products have been made available online for the rest of Australia.

World Class Weight Distributing Hitches

Our weight distributing hitches are provided by Hayman Reese, one of the top companies in caravan safety products. It is one of our goals to make sure that your tow vehicle and caravan match the correct weight distributing hitch components. We have found that the solution to this is to separately sell kits and drop shanks.

We sell new hitch spare parts like hitch bars, round bar heads, towball reducing bush, fabricated head suit trunnion bars, and snap-up bracket safety pins. We also sell older hitch spare parts such as ballmount heads and ballmount shanks along with sell ball weight scales. We sell different kinds of weight distributing hitches with different ball load capacities.

hitch kit

Durable and Reliable Anti-Sway Products

At ISP Islington, we sell Hayman Reese anti-sway products so you can be sure of their quality and durability. We have friction sway controllers that can be used with medium, heavy and super heavy weight distributing systems. Our dual cam sway controllers are top quality and are considered to be unique in the Australian market. This product actively controls sway even from the very beginning rather than controlling only when the sway starts.

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For weight distribution and anti-sway products that ensure safety and quality, trust only ISP Islington. As one of the premier towing accessories store in Australia, we value your safety and comfort above everything else. Feel free to send an email or call us for enquiries. Our contact details are info@ispislington.com.au and 49691722, respectively. Alternatively, you can drop by our showroom at 122-140 Maitland Road, Islington, NSW. We are open from 8.30am to 5pm.