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If the engine is the heart of a vehicle, then oil is the blood that it pumps to give life to your vehicle. However, as oil circulates, it picks up dirt and contaminants from the burning of fuel and air in the combustion chamber. When this accumulates, it can damage your car’s engine. Fortunately, oil filters are designed to remove dirt and contaminants from the oil before it goes to the critical components of your engine. If not for oil filters, your only remedy is to have frequent oil changes which can be inconvenient and expensive.

Valvoline Engine Oil

Valvoline invented their engine oil 150 years ago, and they’ve been reinventing ever since. Valvoline has quality formulas to meet the needs of a wide range of vehicles.



SynPower has been formulated with full synthetic base oils and the most advanced additive technology to combine ultimate performance and protection for your engine. Meeting and exceeding the latest performance standards of leading vehicle manufacturers, SynPower has been designed to cater for the demands of next generation technology engines, including those requiring:
• Fuel efficiency
• Lower emissions
• Extended maintenance intervals

SynPower engine oils provide the ultimate in engine protection right from start up. It flows faster to all parts of the engine allowing superior performance even under extreme temperatures and conditions.



DuraBlend semi synthetic engine oils are formulated with superior additive technology and offer many advantages for a wide range of applications. DuraBlend engine oils provide improved protection for engines operating under tough conditions that include hot and cold temperatures, short journey cycles where full operating temperature is not reached, stop-start city driving with long periods of idling, and long distance driving at high RPM. DuraBlend engine oils provide extra durability for a broad range of applications.



Engines change with age. After 100,000 km, treat unseen issues to maximise the life of your engine.

Valvoline MaxLife™ is specially designed to fight the four major causes of engine breakdown: leaks, deposits, friction and sludge. Through its advanced synthetic blend formulation, it supplies boosted wear protection, special seal conditioners, added detergents and anti-oxidant additives that help to maximise the life of an engine. Specially formulated to meet the needs of cars as they age past 100,000 km, and its advanced formula can also be utilised in newer cars to help prevent the causes of engine breakdown before they ever begin.

Valvoline Oil Filters

Valvoline Oil Filters are designed to remove metal debris and harmful contaminants without restricting oil flow.

Valvoline Oil Filters

All Valvoline Oil Filters contain high quality anti drain back valves which stop oil from draining out of the filter when the engine is turned off. With individually moulded seals creating an exact fit, the filters have an added benefit of being capable of withstanding greater pressure. The inside rolled seam will also allow the filter to hold up to an additional 25 psi.

  • Designed to remove metal debris and harmful contaminants without restricting oil flow.
  • Added benefit of high quality anti drain back valves and of withstanding greater pressure.
  • Designed with individually moulded seals creating an exact fit.
Valvoline Oil Filters

Hi-Tec Oils

Hi-Tec Oils is an Australian owned company with more than 200 years of total workforce experience in lubricants.

We are one of Australia’s largest independent oil manufacturer’s, with warehouses in every state and territory of Australia managed by Hi-Tec Oils staff. Our state of the art blending plant, produce a range of high quality oil products based on our ongoing partnership with leading international base oil and additive suppliers. We only use product’s that meet and exceed the relevant API, SAE and ISO standards.

Synplus 5W/30 SN/CF


Hi-Tec Synplus SN/CF 5W/30 is a full synthetic, low SAPS, super high performance engine oil which combines the latest development in oil formulation and additive technology to provide a lubricating oil with the highest level of protection.

Today’s environmentally conscious market demands reduced emissions and increased fuel efficiency. This has led to the development of new engine designs resulting in demands for higher quality lubricants.

  • High quality lubricating oil with the highest level of protection
  • Premium Full Synthetic low SAPs Engine Oil
  • Super High Performance
  • Manufactured using the latest development in oil formulation

Hi-Tec Synplus 5W/30 Fully Synthetic Engine Oil meets or exceeds:

  • SN, SM, SL, SJ, SH, CF, CE, CD
  • ACEA: A3/B4-08, A3/B3-08, C3-10
  • General Motors: Dexos 2
  • Mercedes Benz: 229.31, 229.51
  • BMW Longlife: LL-04
Semi Syn 10W/40 SNcCF


Hi-Tec SemiSyn 10W/40 SN/CF  is a premium quality API SN/CF engine oil boosted with full synthetic Group III base oils to provide increased engine protection through increased oxidation resistance. It is suitable for most types of petrol, diesel, and LPG four stroke engines under both severe and varied operating conditions. It is ideal for use in the professional workshop.

Hi-Tec SemiSyn 10W/40 SN/CF  is boosted with Group III base oil to help reduce engine oil oxidation, giving more protection from piston deposits compared to standard SN engine oils.

  • Premium quality API SN/CF engine oil boosted with full synthetic Group III base oils
  • Helps to reduce engine oil oxidation, giving more protection from piston deposits
  • Suitable for high speed high temperature motorway driving or low temperature stop-and-go driving

Hi-Tec Synplus SN/CF 10W/40 meets or exceeds:

  • API: SN, SM, SL, SJ, SH, CF, CD
  • ACEA: A3/B4-08
  • Mercedes Benz: 229.1
  • Renault: RN 700
SHP 20W/50 SL/CF

SHP 20W/50 SL/CF

Hi-Tec SHP 20W/50 SL/CF engine oil is the ultimate in protection and performance. This premium quality engine oil is a complex blend of base oils and chemical additives designed to protect the engine and enhance its performance under extreme operating conditions such as high temperature motorway driving or low temperature stop and go driving.

Hi-Tec Super High Performance 20W/50 SL/CF contains detergents which neutralise the waste products from fuel combustion and prevent the formation of sludge and high temperature varnish deposits on critical engine components. Pistons stay clean and piston rings are prevented from gumming up. As well, anti-corrosion and anti-wear additives provide vital protection and minimise wear especially on cam shafts and valve gear.

Hi-Tec Super High Performance 20W/50 SL/CF exceeds the API SL/CF specifications and is suitable for high revving engines in High Performance Vehicles, 4 Stroke Motorcycles, LPG, Super, Unleaded, and Turbo Charged engines, as well as light diesels (both normally aspirated and turbo charged).

  • The ultimate Super High Performance engine oil for protection and performance
  • Neutralises the waste products from fuel combustion and prevent the formation of sludge
  • Pistons stay clean and piston rings are prevented from gumming up

Hi-Tec Premier SHP 20W/50 meets:

  • API: SL, SJ, SH; CF, CD
  • Ford M2C.153E

Hi-Tec Oils

Hi-Tec Oils product range include oils for a wide range of automotive, industrial agricultural, transport and heavy equipment applications (diesel and petrol engine oils, gear oils, automatic transmission oils, coolants and brake fluids and specialty products). Our lubricant range of over 450 line items consists of full synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral oils, greases, specialty products, solvent degreaser, hand cleaner, emergency spill kits and dispensing equipment e.g. grease guns and oil dispensing equipment.

  • Petrol & Light Diesel Engine Oils
  • Diesel Engine Oils
  • Agricultural & Farm Oils
  • Automotive Gear Oils & Transmission Oils
  • Industrial Oils
  • Coolant & Brake Fluids
  • Greases
  • Specialty Products

Hi-Tec Oils and specialty products sizes range from 500ml – bulk, grease products are also supplied in sizes 400g – bulk.

Hi-Tec Oils

Hi-Tec Oil Filters

Hi-Tec Oils interchangeable cartridge oil filters are a superior quality, spin-on filter designed to meet and exceed demanding vehicle manufacturers specifications and are fully interchangeable with other popular oil filter manufacturers. Hi-Tec filters assists to prevent damage to the engines bottom end, including bearings and crankshaft and maintains long oil filter life, protecting the engine between service intervals. The Hi-Tec Oil filter improves flow and reduces the risk of oil starvation enhancing engine protection and efficiency.


Hi-Tec filters are manufactured and designed to the TS16949 Certification standard and meet or exceed OEM requirements. Hi-Tec oil filters are fitted and thoroughly checked for performance in the laboratory and tested in vehicles. Hi-Tec warrants their oil filter products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship under normal service and use. Warranty period: 12 Months.

Hi-Tec Oil Filters
Hi-Tec Oil Filters

High-Quality Oil Filters for a Smooth Drive

An oil filter’s main function is to filter out foreign particles that the oil has collected as it circulates. This is to maintain the quality of the oil before it enters the vital components of the engine. Poor quality and contaminated oil can shorten your engine’s life and cause other parts of your car to fail.

The oil filter plays an essential role in protecting your engine from premature wear and damage. Your engine’s parts need clean, quality oil to properly lubricate them when running. During the oil’s circulation, tiny bits of metal chip off the engine and contaminates the oil. These foreign particles can scratch your engine’s piston and cylinder.

We at ISP Islington offer you high-quality oil filter that ensures that this erosion is prevented. Your engine gives your vehicle the power it needs to run, so utmost care must be given to it to prolong your vehicle’s life. Purchasing a high-quality oil filter is a smart way to avoid much costly engine overhaul and repairs.

Cost Effective Motor Oil in Newcastle and Hunter Region

You choose motor oil based on the viscosity required by your car. You also choose based on whether you want synthetic oil or not, or which brand would work best for you. The right motor oil will ensure that your engine works smoothly even under the toughest conditions. Whether it be under extreme heat or during the cold months of June and July, and even when you are carrying heavy loads, a high quality your motor oil will help balance out all the elements to keep your engine running smoothly.

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