Axles / Brakes / Bearings

High Quality Axles, Brakes and Bearings From ISP Islington

Looking for axles, brake accessories, and wheel bearings? ISP Islington provides only the best in trailer parts and towing accessories. You can find everything from round to square axles, electrical to hydraulic shoe assemblies, and more. With over 30 years of providing quality trailer parts, you can trust that the products we offer are safe, durable, and reliable. 

Round Axles

Axles are the central shafts placed between the wheels of a trailer. They support and align the spindles, to keep your wheels and in tune. Here at ISP Islington, we offer a wide range of axles that can carry different load capacities. We offer 39mm Round Axle 56”-1420 tip to tip, up to lengths of 39mm Round Axle 75”-1905mm tip to tip. Our round axles come with axle nuts, washers, and split pins.

Square Axles

Aside from Round Beam Axles, we also offer 40mm square axles. These axles provide great strength, and are perfect for heavier trailers (with 1000kg capacity). You can expect both durability and reliability with our square axles. We offer 40mm Square Axle 61” 1550mm tip to tip, up to lengths of 40mm Square Axle 96” 2440mm tip to tip. Our products also come with axle nuts, washers, and split pins. Here at ISP Islington, we also offer a range of 45mm Square Axles (with 1450kg capacity). Lengths range from 45mm Square Axle 65” 1651 tip to tip, to 45mm Square Axle 97” 2465mm tip to tip. Our 45mm Square Axles also come with axle nuts, washers and split pins.

Stub Axles

A stub axle is connected to an assembly on only on side of the trailer (it does not go all the way across the trailer). This supports only one wheel. We offer different square and round stub axles for your needs. They come with an axle nut, washer and split pin.


Brakes are essential trailer parts. We offer a wide range of electric, hydraulic, and mechanical brake parts. You can find 9”, 10” and 12” brakes from our store.

Here at ISP Islington, we provide:

We also offer electric brake controllers and breakaway kits. They make great accessories for light to medium-duty towing:

Wheel Bearings and Hub Seals

We also offer reliable bearing kits. A high quality wheel bearing kit can ensure a fix to sudden loss of steering control or loss of wheel. Maintain a smooth and safe drive with our wide range of bearing kits, portable parts washer and oil seal suits. You can also find a variety of bearing protectors and grease caps from our store.

Contact ISP Islington for All of Your Trailer Part Needs

For the solution to your trailer part needs and concerns, you can contact us between 9AM and 5PM at 4969 1722 or email our team at for enquiries or for bulk orders. If you would like to see our products up close, or if you want to talk to our shop assistants, visit our showroom at 122-140 Maitland Road, Islington, NSW. You can trust us here at ISP Islington to find the right trailer parts and accessories that are compatible with your vehicle.