Ignition & Electrical

Quality Ignition and Electrical Parts in Newcastle

Your car’s ignition system is responsible for starting up your vehicle. The primary purpose of the ignition system is to generate a high voltage from your vehicle’s battery, and to ignite fuel-air mixture in the combustion chambers of your chambers. 

The electrical system of your vehicle refers to a closed circuit connected to an independent source, which is the battery. Aside from powering up your ignition circuit, it is also responsible for lighting up the lights of your vehicle. This powers up your vehicle’s electronics, sensors and gauges, and others.

Choose Your Vehicle’s Ignition and Electrical Parts Wisely

In things that deal with electricity or current, voltages and electric power, it is important that the components that you use are of high quality and meet safety and industry standards. We at ISP Islington ensure that you only get the best of your electrical and ignition system needs. Your safety and the smooth operation of your vehicle is our utmost priority, to give you peace of mind.

At ISP Islington, we have a wide variety of choices for your trailer plugs and adapters, including:

For your cable tie needs, you can choose from the following:

For electrical cables, we have:

ISP Islington Delivers the Ignition and Electrical Parts You Need

For your trailers, caravans, towing, and auto parts needs, contact ISP Islington. You may call us at 49691722 or send us an email at info@ispislington.com.au. In case you are in the Newcastle area, we recommend visiting our showroom at 122-140 Maitland Road, Islington NSW and speaking with one of our sales reps to get instant answers to your enquiries.