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A vehicle’s suspension system is made up of two parts: a shock absorber or the damper and the spring. The shock absorber or the damper is a mechanical device that absorbs and damp shock impulses, preventing the vehicle to bounce up and down. The spring allows the wheels of the vehicle to minimise jolting and makes the passenger’s experience pleasant. The suspension system affects the driver’s control and the comfort of the passengers. As such, it needs to meet high standards for optimum safety and smooth driving.

How Do Shock Absorbers Work?

Shock absorbers play an important role in keeping your vehicle functioning smoothly as you drive. Basically, they are hydraulic pump-like devices that ensure that the tyres always remain in contract with the road surface. By using valves and orifices, they control the oil flow through what we refer to as piston. They were also designed to control the impact and movement of the spring and the suspension.

In essence, shock absorbers work with springs to reduce the effects of driving over rough roads.

When is it Time to Replace Your Shock Absorbers?

Just like any car part, shock absorbers deteriorate with wear and tear due to regular use. Before they lose their ability to function properly, you must know the when it is time to replace your shock absorbers. Here are a few of these signs:

  • You swerve when you brake.
  • Your vehicle rocks over uneven surfaces.
  • You have longer stopping distance.
  • You hear vibrations in your stirring wheel when you are driving.
  • You slide or veer across against mild winds.
  • Your tyres are have uneven wear.
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AL-KO Shock Absorbers

Australia is synonymous for challenging terrain, that’s why you need an Australian engineered suspension system that is up to the task. Through a combination of class leading manufacturing techniques and exhaustive on and off road testing, AL-KO suspensions offers optimum levels of comfort, load carrying capability and control characteristics through perfectly matched and integrated systems. AL-KO has been designed, manufactured and rigorously tested in Australia to ensure you the have the durability, control and comfort to confidently conquer any terrain type you encounter.

  • Engineered and built in Australia for Australian Conditions
  • Subjected to AL-KO’s Extreme Testing Program
  • Fitted With AL-KO Premium Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers
  • Designed For Easy Installation & Accurate Alignment

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