Light Truck Towbars

There are many different types of towbars available, and at first glance, selecting the right one for your vehicle can seem like a challenge. However, in actuality, the type of vehicle you drive and the type of trailer you will be towing will determine the type of hitch you will need. Selecting the right trailer towbar for your vehicle can actually be one of the easiest steps in getting ready to tow if you already know the weight capacities of your vehicle and you know the type of trailer you are planning to tow.

Choosing the Right Towbar

Most receiver hitches are designed to be vehicle-specific, making selection fairly easy. Weight carrying capacity is one of the biggest factors in determining which trailer hitch to choose. If you are towing with a minivan or sedan, your choices will probably be within the class 1, class 2 or possibly class 3 range. On the other hand, if you have a full-size pickup truck or SUV, you will probably be able to choose from classes 3, 4 or 5.

Hayman Reese has towbars, weight distribution systems, sway controllers and all the other accessories you need to be set up for safe towing. Don’t forget Hayman Reese towbars have a lifetime warranty. Hayman Reese has an extensive range of quality engineered standard towbars.

For maximum efficiency, the weight capacity of the Hayman Reese towbar should be bigger than the one in the towed trailer. To make sure your towbar complies with this, please refer to the specifications written in the car manual.


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