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When building or repairing trailers, floats, caravans and other vehicle types, finding the right components and getting the right service are important. You need the right provider to give you access to a range of high quality products, even the components which can be difficult to find. Here at ISP Islington, we offer car components such as exhaust and mufflers, and top professional service, in order to keep your vehicles safe and efficient.  We are committed to providing products and services with the latest in technology. Our range of products have been tested to meet design standards and safety requirements. Our main goal is your safety and security, while having your vehicle perform at its top capacity.

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Exhaust systems are meant to direct reaction exhaust gases away from the engine through one or more pipes. These exhaust gases are made when the fuel and air are burned inside the combustion chamber. A well-functioning exhaust is necessary to keep toxic or noxious gases away from passengers and from accumulating.

There are different components to an exhaust system that must be well-maintained in order to ensure high quality performance. Make sure that your car parts are high quality and made of durable material and design, and that you are getting car maintenance and repair service from a team you trust.

Rust and corrosion can strain the performance of the different components, leading to inefficient fuel mileage, environmental damage, and threat to safety. Components should be made and maintained to withstand extreme conditions and constant use.

exhaust and muffler

This component, which can be made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium or cast iron, combines cylinders from the cylinder head into one pipe.

This component can sense the amount of oxygen present in the exhaust.

The catalytic converter converts carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons, which are harmful compounds, to water vapour and carbon dioxide and other non-toxic compounds.

A muffler, or silencer, is meant to decrease the amount of noise made by the exhaust of an internal combustion engine.

This component carries the gas out to the tailpipe. Both exhausts and mufflers are necessary for the efficient and comfortable performance of your vehicle.

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