Change Oil Services in Newcastle

Many vehicle owners fail to have their oil checked regularly. Engines have different moving parts, all of which need to be properly lubricated to function effectively. The oil in your car’s engine is responsible for lubrication. Changing your engine oil is just one of the many services that ISP Islington can do for you.

The Importance of Having Your Oil Changed at ISP Islington Regularly

Aside from lubricating the many parts of your engine, the oil the following other functions:

Clean oil cools down the parts of your engine.

Moving parts produce friction especially when they are not properly lubricated. This leads to the generation of heat. A sufficient amount of clean oils is your number one defence mechanism in preventing overheating of your engine due to too much friction.

Clean oil removes particles and sludge due to wear and tear.

Contaminants such as dirt particles can cause damage to your engine due to corrosion. In addition, your engine oil breaks down into sludge. Keeping your oil clean and changing your oil filter will remove the particles and sludge to keep your engine at its optimum condition.

Clean oil improves your mileage.

Failing to lubricate your engine properly may result to higher fuel consumption. According to experts, changing your engine oil regularly with the right type of oil can improve your mileage by 1-2%. You can save as much as a gallon of gas per year!

oil and filters

Clean oil lengthens the life of your vehicle.

The accumulation of dirty oil steals a vehicle’s power and fuel economy. An engine that exerts too much effort will give you headache in the long run. You should also take note that a car’s valuation is higher upon resale if you regularly maintain it.

Ensure that Your Car Works Efficiently with ISP Islington’s Change Oil Service

Doing change oil on your own can be quit tedious. Save yourself from the hassle by hiring professional change oil services from ISP Islington. Our car experts truly know what is best and practical for you and your car. We provide change oil and other car services in Newcastle and other parts of Australia. Drop by our office at 122-140 Maitland Road, Islington, NSW. You may also give us a call at 49691722 to schedule your car’s change oil!