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Before you can legally tow your trailer on public roads, you need to have working trailer lights that are plugged into your vehicle and operating in sync with your vehicle’s lights. Not only will working taillights, brake lights and turn signals help you avoid a ticket, but more importantly, they will communicate your actions to other drivers on the road and promote safe towing.

Rewiring Your Trailer

Depending on the type of trailer, installing new wiring typically requires only a few basic tools and a good wiring kit. If you don’t feel equipped to do the job yourself, you can also take your trailer in to a professional.

Step 1: Remove the old wiring. If the old taillights and wiring are still attached, remove them and take note of the layout of the wires on the frame.

Step 2: Lay out the new wiring. Route the new wiring through the frame to the back of the trailer, with the yellow and brown wires on the driver side and the green and brown on the passenger side (these may be different for different connector types).

Step 3: Mount the ground wire. With an equal length of wiring on each side and plenty of length on the front end to connect to the vehicle, attach the ground wire at the front of the trailer frame.

trailer lights

Step 4: Install the marker lights. Mount the marker lights with the provided bolts and then splice in the marker light wires using snap locks.

Step 5: Attach the wires to the frame. Use the clips already in place or those provided in the kit. Make sure the trailer wiring stays fairly taut and sheltered by the trailer frame to protect them from moving parts and road debris.

Step 6: Install the taillights. Mount the taillights to the trailer frame and connect all wires to the appropriate connection points.

Step 7: Test your trailer lights. Hook up your vehicle before you tow and make sure your trailer’s lights are functioning in sync with your vehicle’s lights. No matter what or far your are planning to tow, it is always a good idea to test your trailer lights.

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