Ball Mounts

A ball mount is a metal tube or bar that inserts into the trailer hitch and provides a mounting plate to hold a trailer ball. Ball mounts are made in a variety of styles and capacities to accommodate different trailers and coupler heights. A ball mount is held in place in the hitch with a hitch pin & clip or a hitch lock.  The right ball mount should have a shank size that matches the receiver tube opening of your hitch, a weight rating that meets or exceeds your gross trailer weight and a rise or drop to help level your trailer.

Choosing the Right Ball Mount

Choosing the correct ball mount for your vehicle and trailer combination is important to ensure proper trailer weight distribution. Properly distributing the towed weight will help to keep you safe on the road. The correct ball mount will either raise or lower the hitch ball to ensure your tow vehicle and trailer remain level as you travel.

The receiver tube on your trailer hitch may be higher or lower than the trailer coupler when the trailer is sitting parallel to level ground. When you tow, the trailer should be leveled to help prevent the load from shifting.

Most ball mounts are made with “drop” or “rise” to help level the trailer. When the receiver tube is positioned higher than the coupler, a ball mount with drop will make up the negative difference. When the coupler is positioned higher than the receiver tube, a ball mount with rise will make up the positive difference.

How to Measure Drop or Rise

  1. Measure the height of the top of your vehicles hitch receiver tube.
  2. Level your trailer, and measure the height of the bottom of the coupler.
  3. Subtract the height of the trailer coupler from the height of the receiver and this is the amount of drop you need in your ball mount.

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