Stay Safe. Check your Brakes.

Motor brakes are the most important safety unit of a vehicle. The ability to reduce the speed or stop at an instant will be helpful in preventing accidents from occurring. Getting brakes that are of substandard quality will only spell trouble for you. So, you must ensure that your brakes are fully functional before you place yourself behind the wheel.

Brakes Servicing in Newcastle

ISP Islington offers a comprehensive brakes service to make sure your brakes are working properly before you hit the road. Regular brake repair work is a must for car owners. Whether it’s a new brake pad, drums or discs, ISP Islington has you covered. We only use high quality brands like Remsa and Bendix. ISP Islington can also machine your disc rotors and drums.

6 Red Flags to Watch Out For

Don’t know when to have your brakes serviced? Watch out for these six red flags!

  • Vehicle stops longer than usual.
  • Vehicle pulls to the sides (left or right) when braking.
  • Steering wheel shudders when applying brakes.
  • Vehicle loses grip.
  • Brake pedal is hard, low, spongy or soft.
  • Screeching or squealing.

If you experience at least one of these red flags, have your car brakes serviced at ISP Islington right away! Your safety should be your first priority. Contact us now!

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Our Popular Brands

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